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Hausmann Industries “Green-Line”

Did you know? Hausmann Industries has added a “Green-Line” to our product line? See below for more info.

Hausmann Industries is committed to reducing our carbon footprint while striving for efficiencies and enhancements in our manufacturing and products.

Greener Manufacturing
Hausmann Industries is among the first in the industry to introduce a green line of “Eco-Friendly” treatment tables, carts and medical furniture. These products use environmentally safer alternatives to traditional materials for improved indoor air quality and healthier patients. The Green-Line wood used has no added urea-formaldehyde and exceeds CARB I and CARB II standards established by the California Air Resource Board. Hausmann utilizes urethane fabrics to assure CAL 01350 compliance, which is California’s standard for indoor air quality specifically measuring airborne VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). All of our Green-Line construction is also PVC-Free.

New Green-Line Products
We currently have a select number of Green-Line products, but can produce practically any products ‘greener’ if a customer requests. For a catalog or Green-Line information, contact info@hausmann.com or 888-428-7626, ext. 267.

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