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Our “Solar Project” – 12/22/09 Update

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

So, you’ve heard us talk about ‘Going Green’ and some other news in our new catalog that we introduced earlier this year. Well now, we actually have something to show for it. Our Green-Line of products is doing well, feedback has been great and we feel good about moving forward with it into 2010. The other buzz-worthy topic in the catalog was our Solar Project. Well, Adam, the project leader has provided us with some great photos that detail the timeline of the project which truely started (after months of paperwork and legal hurdles) 12/1/09. Visit our Green-Line website for info and details on our entire line of Green products as well as the link to the project photo gallery (updated daily with new images). We are hoping to shoot some video and post it to our YouTube channel soon. Once we pass inspection and go live, we will update you with how the system is doing, how much energy we are producing and what it all means.
Check back often for mroe info. Thanks as always and we’ll see you soon.

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