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Hausmann Moves to the New UL Spec – UL 544 vs 60601

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

UL 544 v 60601

Hello and thank you for joining us again today. I would like to take a few minutes to discuss the recent changes in UL specifications as it pertains to the products that Hausmann Industries manufactures. (Video)

For medical equipment, the primary standard for many years was UL 544, Safety of Medical and Dental Equipment. UL 544 was phased out by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as of December 31, 2009 and replaced by UL 60601. Effective January 1st, 2010, UL 60601 is the U.S. version of an internationally “Harmonized” Standard, from the original (International) IEC601.

As of January 1st 2010, most Hausmann electric products that were UL 544 will be UL 60601 listed. So what does this mean for Hausmann manufactured products? Well, we have completed testing and been approved for UL 60601 for the following items: 1440 (all sizes), 1449 (all sizes), 4380, 4746/47, 4750, 4756/57, 4766/67, 4790 & 4795. UL 60601 also provides approval for Canadian UL or CUL. The following items will no longer be UL listed: 4002, 4043, 4400/05, 4420/21, 4423/24, 4440/45 & 4460/65. Selected out-sourced electrical products in our catalog are UL 60601, some are not. Please see our catalog or website for UL icons.

For our power exam tables, 4440/45 & 4460/65, we have taken steps to provide a UL approved model. By removing the Duplex Outlet, the configuration of our Control Box, Actuator(s) & Switch(es) now meets the UL 60601 spec and is available in what we are calling the “–LD” Model. So if you need either the 4440/45 or 4460/65 in a UL configuration, you can order a 4440-LD, 4445-LD or 4460-LD, 4465-LD. These are available at a reduced price, reflecting the removal of the Duplex Outlet. Please contact Hausmann Customer Service for details. As most exam rooms have multiple wall outlets, an outlet built into the table as well, is often redundant.

We also have the non-power exam tables in an alternate configuration. By removing the Duplex Outlet, or “–LD”, we have removed all power from the unit, and now do not have to meet the UL spec. The following items are available without the Duplex Outlet: 4400-LD, 4405-LD, 4420-LD, 4421-LD, 4423-LD & 4424-LD.

Hausmann Industries is committed to providing quality manufactured products and excellent Customer Service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have about this or any other Hausmann product.

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