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Summer’s Almost Here..4/29/10

Good morning,
It’s been a couple days since we last posted and I though I would post a couple bits of info that I have found over the last couple weeks.

We had the opportunity to attend a great seminar yesterday at Bergen Community College, hosted by the Paramus Chamber of Commerce, with New York Enterprise Report, @NYReport, Constant Contact and Bumblebee Design & Marketing, @MardySitzer as our speakers. I picked up a couple of good notes and we are considering looking into using Constant Contact for our upcoming email marketing campaign. As always you can follow us on Twitter: @130UnionStreet and @ProteamTables.

In other news, both of our hometown baseball teams won last night, with NYY beating BAL 8-3 and the NYM beating LAD 7-3. Great job boys!!

Now, who can’t think of the summer time when you talk baseball? The schedule is looking really good, with some exciting games lined up for July and August. But when you’re not in the mood for baseball, how about a movie? Thanks to Screenrant and Celebritology for the link, here’s the 2010 Summer Movie Preview in 2:32..enjoy! Until next time, namaste!

“A Quick Tour of Hausmann Industries” (Ver 1.1)

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