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Hausmann Industries Series 4440, 4445 Powermatic® Exam Tables

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Series 4440, 4445 Powermatic® Exam Tables features include:

•Motorized lift from 26” to 38” high. “Hands-Free” foot control.
•Removable top pad with built-in pillow is attached with VELCRO® brand fasteners.
•Backrest is pneumatic Air-Spring with dual adjustment controls from 0 to 75°
•Sliding 21” wide x 16” long leg rest.
•Concealed stirrups adjust in length and adjust laterally to (4) positions.
•(2) laminate Drawers in front & side. Full width black plastic Drawer pulls.
•Black laminate base with levelers.
•Paper Dispenser and Paper Cutter.
•110 V, 60Hz, 3.5 Amps.
•OPTIONS: *04 Safety Strap, *15 Safety Rail, *17 Utility Rails (both sides), *089 Motorized Power Backrest, *091 Pelvic Tilt (Controls on both sides), *095 (1) Armboard with (2) brackets, *097 Stainless Steel Pan and Cutout.
4440 55″-71″ 26″ 26″-38″
4440-LD Same but less Duplex outlet
4445 Left Hand Table
4445-LD Same but less Duplex outlet

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