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Hausmann Industries Pro-Line™ Professional Cabinets

Pro-Line™ Professional Cabinets features include:
•An economy line of modular all-laminate, dowel and glue cabinetry.
•Neutral color all-laminate interiors.
•All cupboards (except sink) have (1) adjustable laminate shelf.
•4” Satin finish wire pulls.
•Self-closing laminate drawer slides with nylon rollers and positive stops.
•Doors have concealed, self-closing 110° 3-Way adjustable Euro-Hinges.
•OPTIONS: *S – Sink & Faucet 15″ x 15″ (12″ x 10″ x 5″ I.D), *Lock – Single Drawer or Door Lock, *Lock Bolt – Lock & Bolt for double doors.
*Factory Installed
B-401 Image consists of: (L to R) (1) B-24-2D and (1) B-24

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